About us


AT graphix wants to make it’s mark by supplying quality and competitiveness of its products and services. Our mission is to become a modern, innovative and trustworthy supplier in the sector of Visual Communication. Our assortment, flexibility, distribution, and knowledge will create added value for our customers.


AT graphix is always looking for new materials, to ensure that we can meet all of our customers requirements. We know our industry inside out, and have been around long enough to also know that product innovation, high-quality media, competitive pricing, and customer-focussed flexibility will keep our business and yours at the forefront of the media market. The understanding of our client’s requirements allows us to work with mills and manufacturers from all over the world to develop new concepts for paper and printing materials.


The ATgraphix team is in the LFP business for a very lomg time. We are all customer orientated and service minded. Over the years we have gained lot’s of expertise and experience to meet the demands of the latest printing technologies.

Commitment & Confidence

Just as our business is built on long-term commitment and trust, so too is our relationship with our
suppliers and clients. AT graphix offers an competitive range of products, with the guarantee of quality! Our products represent the best products available in any category!