Digital Wallcoverings

Non Woven Wallcovering

Fabric backed (non woven) matt vinyl wall covering. Available in 6 different finishes… Smooth, Rough, Scratch, Sand, Raw linen & Fine linen. The market and creative possibilities are huge!

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Wall covering media for residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail design. WallPro is an economical alternative to adhesive vinyl for in-store environmental graphics.

Paperbased Wallcovering

Matt Vinyl wall covering on paper base. Specially formulated acrylic lacquer with exclusive inkjet receiver layer. Available in 5 different finishes. Smooth, Rough, Scratch, Sand, Stucco, Brush.

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Embossed Self ADH Wallcovering

The Embossed Self Adhesive (permanent) Polypropylene film. is perfect solution for indoor & outdoor advertisements. It has excellent print characteristics as well as strength & durability.